Miracle Village




For our next Think-Tank table reading we will be presenting fascinating new play, Miracle Village by Stacy Davidowitz.

Nestled between Floridian sugar cane farms lies Miracle Village, a self-sufficient Christian community of sex offenders on the trying journey toward rehabilitation. Amidst their Pastor’s death, lawsuits, death threats, and malfunctioning ankle monitors, 19 year-old Juliet arrives, desperate for shelter. Embraced by a transgender prostitute, crushed on by a frat brother, inspired by a bumbling tennis coach, set straight by a “pray the gay away” choir teacher, and obsessed over by her social worker’s Asperger’s son, Juliet manages to shatter the harmony of her welcoming home, and in turn creates new precedents, new relationships, and new life.

Spencer Aste
TJ Mannix
William Shaw
Jon McCormick
Carmen Borla
Sam Underwood

Think-Tank table readings allow a pressure-free environment for writer and directors to hear their play read aloud by actors.

Any audience for this free event are under the appreciation that it is not a “performance” but rather an essential part of the developmental process. We welcome people to attend with respect of its importance, and to share in a unique part of the creative process.

Reservations must be made at boxoffice@fundamentaltheaterproject.com.

We look forward to seeing you there!