Mass Rhetoric: A New Works Festival 2016



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FTP is thrilled to presenting our third Mass Rhetoric: New Works Festival.
This year we are focussing on pieces that deal with social issues, presenting staged readings of five new plays during the week of June 27th-July 1st, followed by our very first Raucous Caucus on Saturday July 2nd.

Sacred Water by Stacy Davidowitz
SACRED WATER is a darkly comic manifestation of psychosis for two would-be parents. Amidst the Miami Race Riots of 1980, Earl relives the days leading up to his daughter Penelope’s birth from within the confines of his hospital ward, while Mercedes does everything she can to ignore the horrible event that, 9 years ago, has led her to an inevitable date with the electric chair.
SHORT — How Does It Feel to Be A Problem by Patrick Gabridge

The Winstons by Andrea Ciannavei
The Winstons are five women in an industrial kitchen in Brooklyn in the final hour before they incinerate the Wall Street Bull. As they prepare, internal conflicts, suspicions, and racial and class tensions within the group threaten to tear them and their plan apart.
SHORT — The Men’s Room by Ben Holbrook

Dickless by Aisha Josiah
An internet rumour and an incriminating photo begin an adrenaline-filled quest for revenge through the brutal underworld of small-town England. Narrated by Saff (who’s on the run) and Oli (who should be), unfolds a tale of bizarre sexual conquests, visceral violence and girls behaving monstrously.
SHORT — Princess Ashley and the Battle of Goblin Creek by Jared Mallard

Terra Firma by Barbara Hammond
In the not-so-distant future, years after a conflict known as ‘The Big War’, the kingdom of Terra Firma has been established on a Big War Era naval defense platform in the North Sea. Army friends Roy (de facto king because it was his idea) his wife (an idealistic Queen) and Jones (Roy’s army buddy and head of homeland security) wrestle with the problems of running a nation, and spar with different concepts of what makes a person, a place and a civilization.  No man is an island.   
SHORT — Land Grab by Ryan Gielen            

The Other Village
 by Dan Kitrosser
In this walled off village, stories are all but forbidden.  They have led to pain and suffering in the past, and the villagers are wary of them.  But when Awa, a Syrian refugee finds her way into the village, and tries to tell her story, the affects of it are harrowing and in this fable, we see the power, virtue and cost of storytelling.
SHORT — Untitled by Jamie Sims

Each play will be given three performances in a rotating schedule (below).
Evening performances will be preceded by a short play that also deals with the issues addressed above and followed by a moderated expert led panel discussion on the issues explored.

This is a FREE Festival, however, to secure your seat, please consider making a donation to the company
to support the artists and their work. You can make your 100% tax-deductible donation HERE

Performances will take place at the Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theatre at Symphony Space, 
located at 2537 Broadway (at 96th Street).

Performance Schedule
Monday June 27th              (3pm) – Sacred Water / Dickless                                         (7.30pm) – Land Grab / Terra Firma
Tuesday June 28th              (3pm) – The Other Village / The Winstons                    (7.30pm) – How Does it Feel / Sacred Water
Wednesday June 29th      (3pm) – Terra Firma / Sacred Water                                (7.30pm) – Jamie Sims play / The Other Village
Thursday June 30th           (3pm) – Dickless / The Winstons                                       (7.30pm) – Princess Ashley / Dickless
Friday July 1st                       (3pm) – Terra Firma / The Other Village                         (7.30pm) – The Men’s Room /  The Winstons
Saturday July 2nd               FTP’s Raucous Caucus