Losing Days




August 3, 2017 | Edinburgh Fringe

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Losing Days with Sam Underwood and Maksymilian Kubiś
featuring the music of Frank Turner
produced by Initiative | 26
August 3rd-12th

FTP Artistic Director Sam Underwood (Fear The Walking Dead, The Following) is mostly manic, and definitely depressed!Losing Days follows his hilarious and harrowing journey of losing his f*cking mind – and finding it again – set to the tunes that got him through.Featuring live music from Frank Turner’s ‘Tape Deck Heart’ album, and the debut performance of The Boxroom Larrys.

1 in 3 people suffer with some form of mental illness in the course of their life. For such a pervasive condition in society, opening up about the internal struggle many people deal with on a day-to-day basis is still surrounded by skepticism, shame, and silence.Losing Days is a true story seen through a shattered kaleidoscope, delving into the superhero struggle of mental illness, and smashing the taboos that surround it.

With musical direction by Maks Kubis.

This is NOT a sob story!