Join us for our first Think Tank of Fall 2015!

Wednesday, September 30th
Maggie Flanigan Studio (152 West 27th Street, Suite 803)
Free Admission – Please e-mail to reserve a spot!

“The women of Tifaya live as their parents and grandparents lived: a simple, communal life. Then comes the Allies program, a government scheme designed to ‘develop’ rural areas. What seems at first a welcome gravy train soon begins to tear the village apart.”

Alison Blair
Valorie Curry
Lauren Downie
Natalia Ivana Escobar
Tessa Fairey
Carly Menkin
Maite Uzal

Think-Tank table readings allow a pressure-free environment for writer and directors to hear their play read aloud by actors.

Any audience for this free event are under the appreciation that it is not a “performance” but rather an essential part of the developmental process. We welcome people to attend with respect of its importance, and to share in a unique part of the creative process.